NON-EXECUTIVE vice-chairman Clem Morfuni can see “great potential” at Swindon Town after stating he is close to securing a sizeable shareholding in the club.

In association with his firm Axis Football Investments Ltd, Australian businessman Morfuni claims to have invested £1.1m in the last year for a 15 per cent shareholding in the club.

When approached by the Advertiser, Swindon Town declined to comment on the possible stake purchase.

Morfuni also stated a further £500,000 of his money has been invested in sponsorship and financial support to address the club’s operating losses.

The investment has not yet been finalised, although Morfuni says he has signed the contract and received the green light from the EFL after passing the league’s owners and directors test.

It is hoped by Morfuni that the club will sign the stock transfer form when he returns to the UK next month.

Morfuni said: “People ask me why I’m interested in Swindon Town and it’s really quite simple – I love English football with a passion, and I have been looking for the right opportunity for years.

“I can see great potential. And, with the right community engagement, in parallel to investment in players and the stadium infrastructure, I think in time we can become a solid Championship club.

“It will take a while to turn this around but I’m not here for the short-term.

“Yes, I can definitely use my business experience to help us buy and develop the County Ground. But most of all, I want to keep building the ties with the community and will provide the funding to make improvements in that area.”

Morfuni also claims to be prepared to invest an additional £1.1m to help fund the purchase of the freehold to the County Ground from Swindon Borough Council, alongside a further £700,000 share investment to help purchase new players and grow the club’s background team.

The businessman plans to utilise his 700 Axis Services Group employees worldwide to aid the County Ground’s future development.

He also said Town chairman Lee Power is 100 per cent behind the club’s vision to work alongside the fanbase with regards to the bid to purchase the stadium.

Morfuni added: “There won’t be any smoke and mirrors. Going into this with supporters means absolute transparency and I am fully committed to that.

“Regardless of what people say about Lee, I believe he genuinely wants the club to move forward.

“But if you don’t engage with supporters, you don’t get interest in the club and people into your ground.

“That’s where I come in. Despite the distance, I’m always there to chat to supporters over the phone.

“You can ask me anything and I’ll do my best to help, I want the feedback, I want to know what people think.”