SWINDON Robins recorded a thoroughly impressive 53-37 victory over Poole Pirates at the Abbey Stadium on Thursday night as they began an important week of home meetings in the SGB Premiership.

Only on the wrong end of a heat scoreline three times all night, the Robins recorded four 5-1s to gain revenge for their narrow defeat at Wimborne Road in front of the BT Sport on Monday night.

The Robins’ night started in ideal circumstances as skipper Doyle glided across the other three riders from the gate to take the lead before Adam Ellis eventually passed Pirate reserve Nico Covatti on lap two with a classy move to help claim an opening heat 5-1.

Ellis Perks nailed the start in the second to head up a shared heat before Rasmus Jensen rode mid-track for four laps to hold off Nicolai Klindt and Josh Gracjzonek for another drawn race in heat three.

The next race of note came in the fourth as Poole secured their first heat advantage of the night.

Troy Batchelor was a distant second near the front, but the real contest was for third.

Claus Vissing looked like he had the better of Ricky Wells on a couple of occasions, but the Robins reserve couldn't edge in front and the Pirates clawed two points back.

But as soon as the Pirates got close, the Robins pushed them away again with an important 5-1.

It wasn’t an especially fast time from Swindon’s super Dane, but Jensen picked up his second victory of the night as Tobiasz Musielak tucked in behind.

Musielak looked like he might have jumped a little early at the start, but he produced a really tough move to take second on the first bend.

Doyle completely missed the start in the seventh, but more than made up for it by taking second by chasing the dirt and passing Covatti.

Heat partner Ellis did the same shortly after and the race was shared.

There was another 3-3 in heat eight as Batchelor made a superb start before seeing the lead temporarily snatched away by Nicolai Klindt.

Batchelor returned the favour on the opening lap though before Perks got into a bit of trouble and hit the deck on the back straight of the final lap – it was more of a case of his ego being bruised as opposed to his body following an unfortunate error.

Swindon thought they had picked up another heat maximum in the eighth as Adam Ellis sprung away from the traps like a greyhound, closely followed by Vissing for 99.99 per cent of the race.

However, the Danish reserve was pipped on the line by the width of a tyre by the Poole skipper and Alun Rossiter’s men had to settle for a 4-2.

Swindon recorded their third 5-1 of the evening in heat nine as Musielak and Jensen broke away well to hit the front first and the lead stretched to 12.

It was another 5-1 in the 10th heat, but this time the Robins could count themselves rather fortunate it was not called back.

Doyle clearly anticipated the start, but referee Ronnie Allan opted not to call for a re-run.

Heat 11 saw Brady Kurtz do a brilliant job out front to take the win while Holder and Batchelor traded tough blows for second.

Batchelor produced a tough move on the final lap to get the better of his man and deny the Pirates a heat maximum.

But the visitors knocked in another 4-2 in the next one as reserve Covatti sprung a surprise to take the win while Jensen and Vissing battled hard to take their respective man in front, but neither could manage it.

The Robins replied with a 4-2 of their own in the premier race of the night, Batchelor taking Holder on the final lap to snatch third while it was a shared outing in the penultimate heat.

The race of the night was saved for last though.

The Robins pair of Batchelor and Jensen gated on a 5-1, but several passes on each other from the Swindon two and Josh Gracjzonek and Kurtz later, and the heat ended in a 4-2 to Rossiter's men.

The Robins continue an important week of speedway when they welcome Ipswich Witches to the Abbey on Monday.

Swindon Robins

1. Jason Doyle - 3, 2, 3, 3 = 11
2. Adam Ellis - 2', 1', 3, 2' = 8+3
3. Rasmus Jensen - 3, 3, 2', 2, 3 = 13+1
4. Tobiasz Musielak - 0, 2', 3, 2 = 7+1
5. Troy Batchelor - 2, 3, 2, 1, 1 = 9
6. Ellis Perks - 3, F, 0, 1' = 4+1
7. Claus Vissing - 0, 0, 1, 0 = 1

Poole Pirates

1. Jack Holder - 0, 1, 1, 0 = 2
2. Richie Worrall R/R
3. Nicolai Klindt - 1', 2, 1, 1 = 5+1
4. Josh Grajczonek - 2, 1', 2, 0, 3, 2 = 10+1
5. Brady Kurtz - 3, 3, 1, 3, 2, 0 = 12
6. Nico Covatti - 1, 1', 0, 0, 3, 0 = 5+1
7. Ricky Wells - 2, 1, 0, 0 = 3