ALUN Rossiter expects Niels-Kristian Iversen’s Grand Prix form to receive a timely boost after he signed for SGB Premiership play-off hopefuls Ipswich Witches last week – and the Swindon Robins boss consequently anticipates a stiff challenge tonight.

But Rossiter’s above opinion will be overshadowed by play-off qualification joy come 9.30pm this evening, providing that his men keep within six points of Ritchie Hawkins’ Witches at Foxhall Stadium.

With three regular league fixtures remaining – all of them occurring away from home - the Robins require only a losing bonus point to book their spot in the Premiership play-offs for the first time in two seasons.

Even if Swindon lose by seven points or more this evening, their top four spot could still be confirmed providing Belle Vue lose or win by six points or less at the East of England Arena against Peterborough Panthers.

Focusing on the job in hand, though, Rossiter insists the Witches’ threat will be far greater to what Swindon faced at the Abbey Stadium 10 days ago – a night where the Robins recorded their biggest victory in 12 years when thumping the Suffolk club 66-24.

Rossiter said: “Ipswich are a bigger threat now for sure, they have a proven number one in Niels-Kristian Iversen.

“I always say to Niels that he needs to be riding in England, and he laughs at me every time.

“Niels is a rider that needs Britain. Every time Niels doesn’t ride in England, he struggles in the Grand Prix.

“I know he has a heavy schedule, but it’s not as bad as it used to be – even in Poland there isn’t much racing now.

“He has Danish fixtures as well. But I feel Niels rides better when he is over here.”

Rossiter’s words make sense when considering the Esbjerg-born racer’s performance at the German Grand Prix in Teterow on Saturday.

Thirteen points were secured by the Dane as he reached his second grand final of the year.

There was no such luck for Robins skipper Jason Doyle, who returned from north-east Germany with six points to his name.

But that’s the least of Rossiter’s concerns. Keeping his squad fit ahead of a possible play-off appearance has now been set as the club’s priority.

He added: “Poole have three home meetings left, so we’ll need to bang in a couple of wins to make life easier if we're to finish top.

“But we can’t take these teams lightly. Even Peterborough next week, they can be a strong team.

“And both Ipswich and Peterborough have pride on the line after the beating we gave them at home.”