I AM really excited to be back and I can’t wait for the new season to get under way.

I think it’s amazing that we have been able to keep most of the core group of players that won the league last season together.

We’ve only lost Sam Jones who has gone up to play in the Elite League, but we can keep hold of that culture we’ve been building.

That’s something we want as an integral part of our dressing room – that ethos, that culture where no one even has to say anything, we just instinctively know what’s going on.

We all get along well and it’s always tough when you bring in 10 new players. That first month is usually very difficult because you’re getting used to how each other play, but we won’t have that.

To sign Tomasz Malasinski back too is amazing.

I lived with him here in Swindon for a year. We got on very well and we’re best mates.

He’s an unbelievable player, so the fact that we’ve got him here for three years is incredible.

It’s the signing of the summer for sure and it’s the signing of the next two summers as well.