WE HAVE scored 22 goals across our four games so far this season, so we have already proven that we are a fantastic scoring team.

There are a lot of guys who are stepping up and a lot of guys scoring a good amount of goals.

That’s important as you should never rely on just one or two players performing well.

It is great to see guys like the Taylors, Floyd and Loris, and Luc Johnson putting big points up.

Everyone is there to do a job and contribute. When everyone does, it’s an easier time for us all.

We are happy to have picked up six points from the four games.

We are disappointed to lose a couple of games, and both of the ones we lost, we were up in, so we need to learn to be able to hold onto leads and see out games until the end.

We go into every game wanting to win but to only lose out so narrowly to both Hull and Telford in their own buildings shows we have got a good team and we are here to compete.

Something we have been building over the last few years is making the Link Centre a fortress and a horrible place for other teams to come and play.

We can definitely do that over the next few months and we are off to a good start.

It has been a good start to the season and the boys are confident.

It’s pretty much the same squad as last season, so that takes a big chunk off the learning curve.