SWINDON Town Football Club has continued to deny an offer has been made to purchase the football club and stated it is not up for sale, despite the Adver obtaining fresh documents concerning Able Company Swindon LLC’s £7.5million bid.

Last month, the Adver reported that Able Company Swindon LLC, a US company, presented its final offer to purchase the club from current owner Lee Power in a letter dated September 11 and signed by Mr William Keravuori of Able.

Able’s offer expired on September 18. But the club denied any knowledge of a bid when pressed by the Adver and stated the club is currently not up for sale.

Fresh evidence of Able’s bid to purchase the club from Mr Power has since been seen by the Adver – a document was subsequently emailed to the football club on Monday, October 14, morning.

The club responded to our request for a comment at 4pm after being sent the documents in the morning.

A brief statement read: “Swindon Town stands by its original comment made on September 21, 2019.”

Our new evidence shows Mr Christopher Tsouros – William Keravuori’s solicitor – writing to Mr Power to outline Able’s financial capabilities to pursue a professional sports franchise.

The letter, dated June 21, states Mr Keravuori and his affiliates have the direct capacity and can marshal funding in excess of US $20million.

The Adver also approached Town’s non-executive vice-chairman Clem Morfuni, who has been shown the same documents sent to the club. He declined to comment on the situation.

Swindon Town Supporters’ Trust declined to comment after also being shown the evidence.

Mr Tsouros’ letter to Mr Power can be viewed below.

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