IF you’re a fan of ice hockey, or even football, you might have seen some big news this week.

Former Arsenal and Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has traded his football boots for skates and now plays for Guildford Phoenix.

It’s amazing to publicise ice hockey in the UK in this way – he is a huge superstar in the football world, and to have him transition across is awesome.

Ice hockey is a great sport, and he obviously recognises that after retiring from a very distinguished playing career in football.

It was awesome that our second team were able to play the first match against him last Sunday night, even though he got the better of the guys in a shoot-out.

For the first team, though, we have the chance to play a Friday night game this week in a real hockey city, Sheffield.

It will be one hell of a battle, they’ve started out really well this season, but so have we.

We need to make sure we’re competing every time we play another title-challenging team, so I’m expecting a really tough game on Friday before we enter the unknown against the newly-formed Leeds team back at the Link Centre on Saturday.