SWINDON Robins chairman Terry Russell is not yet in advanced contractual talks with any of his history making 2019 riders ahead of next year’s Premiership campaign.

But, the 69-year-old - who in an interview with the Adver last week revealed his future in the sport is likely to hinge on the outcome of next month’s AGM - has now stated his intention to re-sign all seven of Alun Rossiter’s star riders for the club’s 71st season of operation.

The Swindon chief will make his above intention known to fellow Premiership promoters at the AGM.

However, he is likely to face opposition to his proposal given Robins’ combined team average totalled 46.34 prior to the start of the play-offs, a figure some 3.84 points higher than teams’ points limit at the start of the season.

Russell argues if the Premiership is to grow, then clubs must agree to introduce a points limit that replicates a winning score (greater than, or equal to, 45).

He wants Swindon to be the league’s new benchmark, and will be angered if teams opt to snub his vision to help the sport grow in England – particularly off the back of a dark period where world-famous teams including Coventry, Reading, Oxford and Exeter have been lost since the turn of the millennium.

Russell said: “Swindon should be the benchmark now, make a change for the better.

“What kind of message would it send out to the league if the BSPA said, ‘Swindon have won the league, that’s your benchmark’.

“What annoys me is I will have to make changes.

“And my first job when the new averages come out will be to drop someone rather than bring a stronger rider in.

“Let’s bypass that nonsense.

“At the moment, I’m putting a case forward for the one to seven to remain as it is.

“I don’t want to get rid of any riders. All the riders are happy at Swindon, why shouldn’t we be allowed to stay as we are.

“In a no-rules world, providing the league doesn’t go stronger than it is, I would like the same team in place next season.”

Without pointing the finger at a specific top-flight club, Russell criticised the business models of more than one team in the Premiership.

He stated a handful of riders are being paid more than what clubs can afford to pay out – which consequently liquidates the market and forces rival teams to unnecessarily up their wage bills to remain competitive.

With derby-day crowds now a thing of the past – particularly given Poole’s drop to the Championship next term - Russell relies entirely on the public of Swindon to keep the club afloat.

Paying out extortionate wage bills is therefore something he cannot afford – or would want to – implement on the club.

He added: “I understand that every team has to run a business within their means.

“However, some teams offend me – because I know what they’re paying some of their riders.

“And it’s ridiculous, they’re being paid too much for this level.

“Because they’re earning x amount of money in the Premiership, our wage bill naturally gets pushed higher as well.”