ON FRIDAY the Swindon Advertiser Robins Rider of the Year shall be crowned during the club’s end of season awards night at the Hilton Hotel.

It’s been a season of remarkable success for Alun Rossiter’s outstanding septet.

After landing the Premiership Supporters’ Cup in September, the Robins went on to lift the Premiership title when downing Ipswich Witches 111-68 – the biggest margin top flight play-off win since the turn of the millennium – in the league’s two-legged grand final.

A case can be made to vote for all seven of Robins’ history-making riders, but only one rider can scoop the prize.

Co-promoter Lee Kilby is relieved the call to name Robins’ Rider of the Year isn’t in his own hands.

He said: “I can make a case for every single rider.

“Jason (Doyle) and Troy (Batchelor) did exactly what you would expect from your top two.

“The amount of eight-point swings we’ve had in heats 13 and 15 have been key – they have both done their jobs.

“Adam (Ellis) and Tobiasz (Musielak) have done exactly what we have asked of them. When they’ve raced in big heats, they’ve won.

“Claus (Vissing) has got better and faster as the year has gone on.

“But the two that tip the balance for me are Rasmus (Jensen) and Ellis (Perks).

“Rasmus came in at a time where we were going through a transition period. I’ll never forget that home debut.

“Ellis battled away at reserve and got points too – all seven deserve to win.”

Kilby also supporter club chairman Terry Russell’s words in the Adver this week by calling on the BSPA to allow Swindon to be the top tier’s benchmark for next season.

If current rules are frozen, Rossiter will be forced into dropping several riders to weaken his squad accordingly to comply with the division’s current 42.5 points limit.

Kilby added: “Ideally, we would love to bring all seven riders back.

“History tells us that probably won’t happen. But when a team has seven riders that supporters can relate to, it’s brilliant.

“Claus (Vissing) was probably a rider no one thought too much of when we signed him. But he was the one that was punching the air and getting the fans going.

“Everyone took to him straightaway, and the whole team has appreciated the clubs fanbase.

To cast your vote, email sport@swindonadvertiser.co.uk with your name, contact details, the rider you want to nominate for the prestigious prize and reason why.

One voter will win a prize for two adults and two children – negotiable with the club – to watch a meeting of the winner’s choice in the Legends Lounge next season.

Voting closes at 9pm on Tuesday night.