WE have won a lot of games recently and we picked up two more in the National League last weekend to take our good run onto eight victories in a row, but I don’t think we actually have hit top form yet.

I think we have shown spells of top form but I don’t think we have had a complete 60 minutes of playing our very best ice hockey.

We have definitely done it in patches but I think there is still a little bit more to come from the team.

Hopefully that can come towards the end of this month, and the second half of the season is usually when we start to come out of our shells.

That’s what we did last season. We went on that massive winning run which resulted in us winning the NIHL South One title.

We’d like to think we can have the same sort of run this season.

But this season is going to be a lot different to last season – and even the old English Premier League that we played in before.

By the end, those tables ended up being very divided, whereas I think this league is going to be very close all season and it will come down to just a few points.

The games at the start of the season which might not seem that important when you play them are definitely important this season.

At the end of the day, all we can do is give everything we can to win every game.

That’s the way our mentality has to be. As long as we do our best each time we are on the ice, we should have a successful season.