IT’S great to have Tyler (VanKleef) back, it was unfortunate that his start with us had to be delayed.

But he’s back in now, though he has big boots to fill after Jan (Kostal) had to make way.

Jan is an exceptional human and furthermore an exceptional ice hockey player.

He changed the way we do things in Swindon and made the club 10 times more professional.

Not only is he a role model for me, but I’m sure he is for everyone else on the team.

He’ll be deeply missed as a leader, but it’s now Tyler’s job to come in and take on a role.

This weekend we face Sheffield and Bracknell.

So far this term, I’ve learnt that any team can beat any other team on their night.

Sheffield are having a strong year, and Bracknell always bring out the best of our game.

It’s a fierce rivalry that we have with Bracknell, and it will be a challenge for us.

We were disappointed by last weekend. We lost that winning streak and ultimately dropped points to Telford who are pushing us hard right now.

We want to right our wrongs from seven days ago and pull together to get the points flowing again.