SOFTWARE that records players’ work-rate and ice time among other elements of statistical data has been installed by Aaron Nell amid Swindon Wildcats’ search for the National League title.

A pair of wins over Sheffield Steeldogs and Bracknell Bees at the weekend meant the Link Centre outfit stretched their lead at the top of the 10-team division to three points following Telford Tigers’ shock home loss to London Raiders.

Although the Tigers have two games in hand, Nell is determined to throw everything he possibly can at clinching a second league title in as many seasons.

And data returns are already proving insightful for the Cats coach, who marked Ben Nethersell and the returning Tyler VanKleef as two players to benefit from the additional analysis.

Nell said: “Tyler will be playing less compared to how much I want him on the ice in a month or so.

“We’re trying to look at ice time, and have acquired some video software to do this.

“It’s helped in the way we decide who is going out there and how much time players spend on the ice.

“At the start of the season, Ben Nethersell wasn’t playing as much as we wanted. Now, he is playing more and to the level we want him playing.

“Software like this is quite common in the higher levels of hockey, and I’ve always been interested in it. Hopefully it helps us gain an advantage.”

Off the back of Sunday night’s win over Bracknell, Nell quickly praised the efforts of netminder Renny Marr.

Although D-man Stevie Whitfield and Nell himself scored the Cats’ two crucial late goals at the John Nike Leisure Complex, Marr’s performance in Berkshire was described as match-winning.

A number of key saves ensured Swindon recorded a 4-2 success – and Nell has been thrilled by the 22-year-old’s progress.

He said: “Renny basically won us the game on Sunday. He was great.

“For two-and-a-half years, Renny has been excellent. I can’t speak highly enough about him.

“He didn’t have the best two games over the previous weekend but I would’ve bet my house on him playing well in the two games against Sheffield and Bracknell at the weekend.

“For a 22-year-old, it’s crazy how strong he is – and he’s competitive too.”