FRENCH rocket David Bellego wants to establish himself as a leading rider on the continent next season, but admits his SGB Premiership future is shadowed by uncertainty.

Based in Swindon, Bellego fell victim to speedway’s numbers game last winter and was regrettably dropped by Blunsdon chief Alun Rossiter ahead of the Robins’ outstanding 2019 campaign.

The 26-year-old instead signed for Ipswich Witches, but his stint at Foxhall Stadium was cut short owing to a poor start in Suffolk, where just 33 points were registered from 27 rides.

He fortuitously slotted back into the Robins’ squad after Tobiasz Musielak damaged his anterior cruciate ligament in June following a nasty three-man spill in Lodz.

The deal to draft him back into Premiership racing was only temporary, though, and Musielak promptly returned to the Abbey on July 18 for Wolverhampton Wolves’ visit to Wiltshire.

Currently without a British team for the 2020 season, Bellego admits he will continue to play the winter waiting game.

The Frenchman, who won the 2017 Premiership title with Swindon, told Speedway Star: “I am still not sure about England yet. Hopefully I am back riding in the UK.

“I had a bit of a tough time in England. I didn’t really click too well at Ipswich. It was better for them and me to end up where we were.

“There is no doubt Ipswich had a good team last season and they are a good club. It was nice to see them fighting for the gold medal in the Premiership grand final.

“Swindon was a bit of a different story, though, I only had a short-term deal with them.

“If it could have been different, I would have liked to be in the team, but it wasn’t to be.

“When I left, I wished them all the best and then you see them now as league champions it makes it all worthwhile.”

With all team places at Swindon, Sheffield Tigers and Belle Vue Aces now taken and Wolverhampton promoter Chris Van Straaten stating he is likely to make just the one change, it’s looking increasingly likely that Peterborough Panthers or King’s Lynn Stars will be Bellego’s only options for next term.

The Panthers have only confirmed Michael Palm Toft on their 2020 roster to date, while King’s Lynn have announced regulars Lewis Kerr, Thomas Jorgensen, Robert Lambert and Ty Proctor as their first four names.

Bellego said: “I had a bit of bad luck in 2019. I had a crash and an injury, so I didn’t have too much luck.

“It is what it is, though, because it is sport and it is racing.”