AMID concerning attendance lulls in the Swedish Elitserien, Jason Doyle insists British speedway has a major opportunity to capitalise on top riders’ interests and spark a feel-good factor back into the SGB Premiership.

Crowds often dipped below 2,000 in Sweden’s topflight this term, only a decade or so after the league attracted regular numbers between 3,000 and 5,000.

Attendances in the UK aren’t officially recorded.

But it is without question that both countries are severely behind figures recorded in Poland. Only last season, Doyle’s new Ekstraliga team – Czestochowa – raced in front of an average home crowd of 14,000.

But what often denies top riders a chance to return to British shale is the Premiership’s watered-down points limit, which this year has been set at 42.5.

To put the above into context, Doyle’s 8.96 greensheet average represents over a fifth of Swindon Robins manager Alun Rossiter’s team building allowance.

By contrast, Polish clubs can sign whoever they wish – providing they have the money in place.

Doyle said: “If you have lots of money, you can have whatever riders you want (in Poland).

“At Czestochowa next year, I’ll be riding with Leon (Madsen) and Freddie (Lindgren) – that’s three of the top seven riders in the world.

“We have some great juniors too – the way they do it over there has made the sport better. England waters the league down, though Swindon pushed for the points limit to increase so we could keep a strong team in place.

“We needed to keep the same team so the riders and fans could continue to gel together – no one knows which riders are going to be employed by the same club this time next year. I think that needs to be looked at.”

The majority of British supporters felt disheartened by the outcome of last month’s British Speedway Promoters’ Association AGM.

Sheffield Tigers’ rise to the top tier was the league’s biggest change, though the top tier’s 42.5 points limit was again frustratingly frozen.

Despite this, fans have been boosted by Tigers’ addition of three-times world champion Nicki Pedersen and Belle Vue’s capture of former Grand Prix star Peter Kildemand – two additions that will no doubt put bums on seats.

For Doyle, his contract at Swindon was swiftly wrapped up. And he has been encouraged by the team Rossiter and co-promoter Lee Kilby have put together given the mentioned restrictions.

He added: “Terry (Russell, chairman) said he wanted me back, that was nice. It’s great to have Troy (Batchelor) back in the team – I would’ve missed him more than anyone else if he was to leave.

“Without Tobiasz (Musielak), Rosco (Alun Rossiter) has done his best to strengthen other areas. I think we’ll be alright.

“I was happy to see Nicki (Pedersen) and Peter (Kildemand) back – it’s great to see a couple of the big boys coming back.

“If riders see English speedway isn’t as easy as they think it is, I believe more of the top riders will come back and drop Sweden from their calendar.”