HALF a dozen investors are waiting to commit to sponsorship deals with Swindon Speedway once Gaming International’s proposed new stadium is built, Alun Rossiter has said.

On Tuesday night, Swindon Borough Council’s planning committee granted Abbey Stadium owners Gaming International permission to demolish the current site and build a new stadium – nine long years after outline permission was given.

It is hoped by Gaming International that work on the stadium will be completed by the end of this calendar year – meaning Robins supporters can expect to be restricted to the Abbey’s home straight viewing area only on race nights while work takes place the other side of the back straight.

It’s also possible that the pits area – positioned on bends three and four – will be moved during the upcoming Premiership season to allow builders to erect a sound barrier between the track and housing estate located to the west of the current main grandstand.

Rossiter was understandably thrilled by the conclusion to Tuesday night’s meeting, and said investment in the Robins team will increase once work on the stadium is completed.

He said: “We’ve got people lining up ready to invest in the club, but they won’t do it until the new stadium is built.

“It’s the state of the stadium that holds them back, it’s not ideal in my opinion. But that’s because of the stadium’s age – it’s to be expected.

“She’s over 70 years old now and is very tired. Lee (Kilby, co-promoter) has half-a-dozen people ready to come onboard once the stadium is up.

“For Lee, it will make his job a lot easier.”

Amid planned work on the stadium, Rossiter confirmed no alterations will be made to the speedway and greyhound tracks after they were successfully changed last year.

The situation has always - ultimately - been out of the speedway club’s hands as they are only tenants.

Understanding of fans’ frustrations, the former GB boss now hopes Tuesday’s decision can dawn a new era for the world-famous Robins.

“There were a few concerns because of the time it has taken to get to this stage,” said Rossiter.

“But we are now under the impression that Gaming International are going to get on with it.

“I used to be asked so many times about the stadium – but how long is a piece of string? We’re only tenants, there isn’t a lot we can do.

“They will demolish the back straight pretty quickly, and we could be opening just one side of the stadium during parts of this season.

“I’d rather that be the case than there be no speedway at all. Wolverhampton use one side, as do plenty of other clubs.”