SUPER-MIDDLEWEIGHT Sam Smith has called time on his boxing career after announcing he is hanging up his gloves.

The 26-year-old, who was trained by Swindon’s Paddy Fitzpatrick says injuries have taken their toll during his five years in the professional ranks.

Smith, who failed in his attempt to claim the Southern Area title on Neilson Boxing’s Fight Town III last year, will retire with a record of eight wins and three defeats.

The former Ultimate Boxxer contestant sustained a clash of heads with Germaine Brown when they met at the Oasis Leisure Centre, which hampered Smith’s quest for the Southern Area Crown.

Smith says it was after that defeat he came to the decision to call it a day, after revealing he had suffered extensive injuries to his nose and his hands during his career, with some requiring surgery.

“Germaine was definitely beatable and I felt like I had his number, but we clashed heads in the third or fourth round and I never really recovered from it,” he said.

“I’ve had so many hard fights, even as an amateur and then you add in how I was cutting weight as well, I was starting to feel every punch.

“For the whole of my career I have battled against injuries. I’ve broken my hands, my nose and it’s never really gone that well but I gave it everything.

“My nose was a massive problem, I had that straightened out, I had a blood clot up at the top of my nostril which was quite dangerous - I could have lost the middle part of my nose.

“I just couldn’t take anymore with the injuries, I have a family as well and if I can’t defend myself then there isn’t much point in continuing.

“After a while you have to weigh it all up and decide if it is worth it, because you are putting your life on the line.”

Life as a professional boxer is a difficult one and the Swindon-based super-middleweight said he became disillusioned with the sport as he was missing out on valuable time with his wife Anne-Marie and two children Tienna and Darcie.

Reflecting on his career, Smith says he doesn’t regret his time spent in the ring but is ultimately deflated with how his career panned out.

“I’m going to miss it, I’ve met some great people through the sport and had some great fans but it’s just a shame it’s ended how it has,” he added.

“If I had my time again I would do things differently. I don’t think I got the rewards for all of the effort and hard work that I put in.

“Now I’ve stopped boxing I plan on just looking after my family a little bit more because I have missed out on so much.

“It’s not just the training and the hard work, it is the sacrifices you have to make as well and that’s the worst part of it. It’s horrible.

“All I wanted was a title to put in my cabinet so I could tell my children I got something out of it.

“Now when you look back, I don’t think it has been worth it. I’ve had my fair share of opportunities but it never really happened for me.”