PAUL Caddis says Swindon Town have shown how good they can be in recent weeks by switching from their smooth passing style towards a more efficient method of winning games.

Town are undefeated in their last four matches despite extremely blustery conditions often blighting football games up and down the country.

Success over Exeter City, Grimsby Town and Northampton Town were not only important, but gained when Richie Wellens’ usual philosophy over playing the ball between the lines on the ground has not always been feasible.

And with more turgid weather on the horizon for this weekend’s trip up to the One Call Stadium as Swindon face Mansfield, Caddis is comforted by the fact his team has the ability to switch between different plans depending on what the opposition, or sky, throws at them.

Discussing how adaptable Richie Wellens has made Swindon over the course of the season, Caddis said: “It’s well documented that we like to pass the ball and we like to play, but the weather over the last four or five weeks hasn’t really helped us do that.

“We’ve got another way of playing, and we’ve managed to grind out results by playing not-so-pretty football. That’s the sign of a good team.

“Mansfield will have a plan to try and beat us, but I believe we’re the best team in the league.

“We’ve just got to show that by being top at the end of the season, but we’ll implement our game plan as always.”

Recent bouts of bad weather mean that Town will still have to play three more midweek matches before the end of the season.

Manager Wellens recently voiced his displeasure at the hectic schedule, but the Scottish defender was less frustrated by a busy run-in.

Caddis explained he prefers to stay busy and playing a plethora of matches in a short space of time could play into Swindon’s hands if momentum can be carried over.

He said: “I prefer playing games all the time – there’s no better thing than just playing games.

“Especially on Tuesday nights under the lights, there’s always that special feeling.

“I don’t mind the Saturday-Tuesday quite a lot, and in this country you play a lot of games.

“I’m sure most people are quite used to it now, but we’ve got a good enough and big enough squad to deal with these games coming thick and fast.”