NICK Brooks believes his Swindon side are geared up to take the next step in their fairy tale cup run.

This afternoon sees Wellington visit Greenbridge Road for a South West Counties Final clash to determine who will represent the region in the RFU Intermediate Cup’s national semi-final round.

The South East champions await to battle it out for a place in a Twickenham showpiece.

That would be the club’s first outing on the HQ turf, and Brooks’ men could hardly have chosen a better year for it.

“If we win this one we come away as champions of the South West, then we need to play the champions of the South East,” he explained.

“If we win that we play the national final, which is north against south.

“It would be a fairy tale given it is our club’s 125th year of existence. For a lot of us it would be telling the story in years to come.”

Brooks is by no means expecting an easy ride against Western Counties West side Wellington, who sit second in their division.

But he has no doubt Swindon will be mentally prepared for the challenge.

“It’s another game, it’s going to be a testing game, so we’re encouraging the guys to start thinking about the game itself and their specific roles,” he said.

“Moreso in that we don’t know too much about them, so we can’t identify players to be doing certain roles all the time to break them down, so it’s going to be a collective mindset on how we play.

“The players are really geared up for it reading the chat on WhatsApp, their mindset is already set about winning, it’s just physically going out and doing it on the scoreboard as well now.”

Swindon swept aside Witney 48-0 in the last round, though Wellington are much more of an unknown quantity.

Brooks said: “When you talk about teams like Witney and Reading we’re familiar with them so we know what their weaknesses and strengths are.

“Wellington are an absolute unknown to us. They are coached by Graham Dawe, an ex-England international hooker, so we are expecting quite a physical battle up front.

“We’re not putting all our eggs in one basket thinking it’s going to be an easy run.

“Looking at their results, they’re a very well drilled side. I don’t think it will be a walkover.”