AS THE coronavirus pandemic puts live sporting action on hold for the time being, we have taken feedback from our readers and decided to publish a weekly quiz on a Saturday in order to keep the competitive juices flowing.

This quiz isn’t for prizes, merely for bragging rights, but it will hopefully make you cheer and groan in the same way that a Town goal or a Robins rider bursting through the tapes might do.

No shouting at the referee though, and definitely no peaking at the answers, which are below.

This week’s quiz features questions from the most recent season of Swindon Town, Swindon Robins and Swindon Wildcats.

1. (EASY) Which current Swindon Town player is the top scorer in English professional football?

2. (EASY) Which team did Swindon Robins beat in the 2019 SGB Premiership final – giving Alun Rossiter’s men an unprecedented league and cup double?

3. (EASY) What is the name of Swindon Wildcats’ all-action player-coach?

4. (MEDIUM) There are three Town players with seven assists to their name in all competitions this season. Who are they?

5. (MEDIUM) Which French rider was drafted in midway through last season after Tobiasz Musielak’s injury, only to be replaced by the returning Pole a few weeks later?

6. (MEDIUM) Which two National League teams did the Wildcats beat by seven goals this season?

7. (HARD) Midfielder Anthony Grant has received the most yellow cards in the Swindon Town squad this season with eight (all competitions) – who is second with seven?

8. (HARD) Which 2019 Robins rider was excluded the most amount of times home and away?

9. (HARD) How many seasons has veteran defenceman Neil Liddiard been playing professional ice hockey?

10. (ELITE) How many players have Swindon Town used in competitive matches this season?

Swindon Advertiser:


1. Eoin Doyle

2. Ipswich Witches

3. Aaron Nell

4. Michael Doughty, Rob Hunt, Kaiyne Woolery

5. David Bellego

6. Milton Keynes Lightning and London Raiders

7. Mathieu Baudry

8. Tobiasz Musielak

9. 26

10. 36

Let us know how you did in the comments section, and also if there are any specific kinds of quizzes you would like to see in the future.