ADVER Sport reporter Jonny Leighfield has his say on life at the County Ground.

AFTER a difficult week for goalkeeper, Joe Fryer in which he shipped six goals in his first two league games while no doubt featuring on the latest goals and gaffs Christmas DVD, I thought it was worth a reminder that these things can happen to the best too.

On Tuesday, the recently-turned 25-year-old slipped on his backside when attempting to clear long against Accrington resulting in the ball trickling tamely into the back of the net.

Most in the press box let out a frustrated sigh or perhaps even a few cross words (not me though, mum, I promise).

However, just 24 hours later, Thibaut Courtois let the ball run under his foot and into the net during Belgium’s Nations League group B clash against Denmark.

Thibaut Courtois, who by the way has won; two English Premier League titles, two La Liga titles, an FA Cup, a League Cup, a Spanish Cup, a Spanish Super Cup, a Fifa Club World Cup, a Europa League title and a Uefa Super Cup, made an arguably worse error.

My point is not to embarrass Joe by pointing out he’s not as successful as Real Madrid’s number one, but simply to remind him - and anyone else who believes he needs to be dropped as well - that every goalkeeper is unlucky enough to make a mistake every so often, it just looks worse because there’s rarely chance to recover.

Therefore, significant criticism of a man who hadn’t played a game of professional football for over two years until recently - all while having recovered from a leg break so severe he had rehabilitation guidance from a person who deals with war injuries - beggars belief, in my eyes.

Fryer is certainly the best option of the three young goalkeepers in the squad. But he needs time to improve and understanding from fans if he is to become the club’s long-term number one.

He also needs a consistent back line in front of him, but that’s a column for another day...