SWINDON Town fans react to the club's 2-1 win over Oxford United - the first time the Robins had beaten the U's since March 2001.

FranceRouge: OMG! Broadbent first name on the team sheet from now on!

Jib Jib: Just repeating my post from the 24th, you're welcome!

"Very difficult for Sheridan but he has made us harder to beat quite quickly and that is a good start. Threadbare squad doing as well as possible but we have some rather obvious weak areas. Time to get creative and Caddis in midfield worked quite well. I would think about sticking Broadbent up top. Nothing ever sticks with Hope and the two wide players might feed off a flick on or two. Matt Smiths eye for a pass was impressive tonight and Adimayo and Donoghue continue to shine"

Colin STFC: Well done, lads ... a much wanted lift we needed .. and Roxie Rogers will be most annoyed with his lot throwing a 1-0 lead away. Have waited a while for this but worth the wait today. whoop whoop whoop!

Gozza57: Very good win, 3 points away from home very important and kept us out of botton 4. I hate to crow but wasnt there an Oxford fan on here a couple of months ago talking about all their quality signings..... So much of sport is confidence and a 2 local derby wins will certainly help that... Yes we are still conceding but not in 3's anymore and not 2 in first 20 minutes. JS and the coaching team have done a great job with that, he has really steadied the ship.

DEVONRED2015: Super Tommy Broadbent

Jingle bells jingle bells, jingle all the way oh what fun it is to see Swindon win away at poxford. 

Well done lads

Peter Moore: Not a lot of competition admittedly but that was the highlight of 2020. Big Tom will surely enter STFC folklore now. Just wish we could've been there...


Geoff the Ref: I don't know what happened to Oxford in the last 20 minutes or so. They couldn't string passes together, and the Town had one of their best attacking spells for some time. If Broadbent can do that, what hope is there for Pitman? A great result and the table looks so much better this evening. At this stage of the season, 3 points make a really big difference! Well done all.

billbst: Thank you lads. Thank you medical staff. Even more to do after today. Great spirit to keep going and what a difference a bit of honest muscle makes when you need to get onto the front foot. Our keeper was better than theirs too! What a weird wonderful game.