SWINDON Town Supporters’ Trust has written an open letter to respective and future owners of Swindon Town Football Club asking for transparency, honesty, and a clear plan in moving forward following a prolonged period of disconnect between fans and controlling parties.

The letter, which is headed up by the slogan; “Let’s work together”, calls on Town chairman Lee Power – among others – to engage with fans and provide real answers to questions many have surrounding the running of the football club.

TrustSTFC says it felt it was time for a constructive but strongly-worded statement to outline what needed to be asked of and said to any current or future owners of Swindon Town.

READ MORE: The full open letter by Swindon Town Supporters' Trust.

A Swindon Town Supporters’ Trust spokesperson said: “As Swindon Town’s Supporters Trust, we decided it was time to call for all involved, or looking to get involved, in the running of our great football club to provide openness, transparency and engagement.

“We’ve had very little of this over the past year or so, and the latest statement made by Lee Power left a lot of questions we felt needed to be challenged, clarified and answered – and we felt that was not forthcoming in the interview that was carried out.

“Given the concerning statement around the financial viability of the club made by Lee Power, we believe now is the time to call on all those who are or wish to get involved in our club to provide us with their plans to take the club forward along with the openness and transparency that we as football fans should expect rather than being taken for granted.”

In the letter by TrustSTFC, the supporter group said that “fear and uncertainty can leave many supporters feeling stressed, anxious, and powerless over the direction of our club. It’s for these reasons that we need answers.”

It goes on to say: “Our plan must be to not only survive this current situation, but we need to ensure that as a club and community we come out the other side and thrive. Let’s be positive.”

The supporter group, chaired by Stephen Mytton, asked the football club for a full set of financial accounts for the year just gone, management accounts for the current year to-date, as well as an annual report along with some commentary around the figures, and forecasts for the year ahead.

The open letter ends by calling on someone from “Able Company Swindon LLC” – the American company that is reported to be interested in buying the club – to come forward and give answers too, as the Trust say: “with respect, we know nothing about this company.”