ADVER Sport reporter Jonny Leighfield gives his view on the latest stories to come out of Swindon Town Football Club.

After John Sheridan revealed three of his players turned up late to a pre-match meeting last week, I saw two clear arguments break out among Town fans.

One group blamed the manager for this, saying Sheridan has lost the dressing room and as such the players can’t even be bothered to turn up on time. Meanwhile, the other accused the players of lacking professionalism and failing to show Sheridan the common courtesy of arriving when they should have.

I sit firmly in the second camp. I don’t care if you don’t respect your manager or you think it’s their fault you’re doing poorly at your job, you do not down tools or stop trying because ultimately that looks bad on you.

That goes for any job in the world, not just football. Do not let your standards slip if it’s something you can control.

Elsewhere, Town’s game away at Bristol Rovers was called off due to a frozen pitch last weekend, and with no midweek game either, it’s been an unusually quiet seven days at the County Ground.

But of course, even when Town don’t play, there is a talking point.

PGMOL confirmed the game should have gone ahead on the day, but after it wasn’t, Rovers asked for the game to be played on Sunday.

Town declined the option, citing a lack of training facility at which they could adequately prepare.

That decision surprised me as on the face of it, playing a struggling Bristol Rovers side with no manager appeared to be a golden opportunity to secure three points.

Then again, having seen what Rovers then went on to do against Portsmouth on Tuesday, maybe Sheridan’s men dodged a bullet...