ADVER Sport assess the performances of the Swindon Town players following the club's 2-1 loss away to Accrington Stanley on Saturday.

Connal Trueman: 6

Trueman was let down by those in front of him for both goals. He didn’t have to make many saves once again but still found himself on the losing side. Who’d be a goalkeeper, eh?

Akin Odimayo: 4

The young defender started off poorly, redeemed himself with an assist, and then continued in the second half by making poor decision after poor decision. He wasn’t a liability, but that won’t be a game he’ll remember fondly.

Dion Conroy: 5

It’s easy to give Conroy a five because I felt for every good thing he did, he did a poor thing as well. You only have to look at the incident where he outmuscled Dion Charles before waiting too long to make a clearance, consequently that was blocked and Accrington almost scored.

Jonathan Grounds: 5

Grounds was only on for 20 minutes before a thigh injury forced him off. But he was caught ball watching for the first goal, and that shouldn’t be happening to a player of his experience. Subbed.

Tom Broadbent: 6

Broadbent rose to the challenge that Accrington threw at him reasonably well, I felt. He headed an awful lot away and made one superb block to spare Conroy’s blushes. Hopefully, he can repeat his heroics next time out.

Ellis Iandolo: 5

Granted, it was Iandolo’s first game back, but a lot of his play was so negative or safe. He had ample opportunity to run at Nottingham – he has the ability – but when he tried something positive, it often failed to turn into any kind of chance. Subbed.

Jack Payne: 5

Payne did a lot of the dirty work in midfield, but his delivery from the handful of corners he took was often poor. I feel like I say it every week, but he has to offer more in the final third – he is well capable.

Jordan Lyden: 6

Lyden was only taken off because he’s still coming back from injury, but he showed that little bit of guile and calm in midfield that Town often lack. A must start on Tuesday. Subbed.

Scott Twine: 6

Twine was denied another couple of superb free-kick goals via the fingertips of Toby Savin, and his volley before that was impressive too. He was very lively in the first half, but almost non-existent in the second. Had a great chance to score the equaliser late on, but opted for power over placement.

Hallam Hope: 6

Hope made some decent runs and was always keen to hunt the ball down. He did all of Pitman’s dirty work too. For reasons only known to Sheridan, Hope was taken off midway through the second half. Subbed.

Brett Pitman: 6

Pitman did what Pitman does best and scored with potentially the only chance he was presented with. But his lack of mobility was plainly evident against defenders that didn’t have a lot of pace either.


Jordon Garrick: 4

The winger barely produced anything of note, despite spending 70 minutes on the pitch. One cross of note for Hope was all I could remember. Poor day at the office in an unfamiliar wing-back role.

Christopher Missilou: 4

Failed to live up to Lyden’s standard in bossing the game and lost the ball too cheaply on more than one occasion. Not a great cameo.

Tyrese Omotoye: 4

Omotoye was bullied by Cameron Burgess and was on his heels for the majority. Omotoye has to show more aggression and desire in his substitute appearances if he wants a start at some point.

Rob Hunt: 5

Hunt was solid if not unspectacular during his short stint. He had to play higher as Town chased an equaliser, and as such there was a good deal of room left in behind late on.