VERELOGIC CEO Kevin Metcalfe says his company will not continue to sponsor Swindon Town Football Club after this season due to being in the dark about the direction the County Ground outfit is heading in.

The local IT solutions company has been a sponsor in some form for over 10 years, with Mr Metcalfe heading up a table in the sponsors lounge, player and coach sponsorship, match sponsorship, and bringing in other sponsors to the football club.

Verelogic is following in the footsteps of Harvey Fremlin’s National Self-Build and Renovation Company, who last week announced they would not renew their sponsorship due to also having concerns over the football club’s lack of communication.

Mr Metcalfe – whose company sponsored former assistant manager Noel Hunt earlier this term – says the lack of answers is what concerns him the most.

He said: “With what’s going on with the club at the moment – it’s a total shambles from top to bottom.

“No one actually knows who really owns the football club, with the court case that’s going on.

“Lee (Power) is taking the club down an angle where I don’t believe, as a company, we should continue to support it.

“Predominantly we’re sponsors of the club, but we’re also fans of the club, and we have been for some time. It’s a sad state of affairs at the moment.”

Mr Metcalfe says his company will not be the last to end its professional relationship with Swindon Town Football Club this season, with several other sizable sponsors thought to be following suit.

The long-term fan admitted it genuinely hurts him to have to resort to this, but hopes he can continue supporting the club further down the road.

He said: “I’ve spoken to a number of fans and other sponsors behind the scenes, and I know it’s not just us that are going to do this.

“There are quite a few other sponsors too, but they don’t want to be named.

“It’s the same thing for them – where the club is going, no one knows. So instead of committing to next season with the current ownership, we just don’t believe it’s in our best interest.

“When you go week in, week out home and away, and you see your son grow up from being a mascot at six to a 21-year-old fan, and now we don’t know who owns our football club. It’s just sad.”