THE Swindon Town Supporters Trust reflect on a momentous week for European football and the power fans can have in implementing change at the highest level.

It has been a momentous fortnight in the world of football, with existential threats to the global game exploding. But for Swindon Town supporters, existential threats are nothing new.

The irony certainly wasn’t lost on our board members as we sat in on Monday’s court case while fans around the world vented about the short-lived European Super League.

On Tuesday, as the ESL proposal collapsed as quickly as some League One survival battles, all six English clubs withdrew after huge pressure from all stakeholders in what was a momentous victory for “legacy” fans around the country.

So, sponsors withdrawing works. And fan power works.

Perhaps football clubs shouldn’t underestimate the strength of feeling and the lengths fans will go to to protect our great footballing institutions.

During Monday’s court case, the legal team for the current chairman of Swindon Town completely dismissed the Trust.

And they were, in part, correct. We are regular fans, that’s for sure!

Even though in recent weeks we have more than doubled our number of paying members to almost 700 Swindon fans around the world, we could certainly be bigger.

The single best response to the attitude of the individuals involved with the current ownership of the club towards all Swindon fans is for every single one of us to pull together, for our single voice as fans to become louder and clearer.

If you want your voice heard as a Swindon Town fan, join the Trust.

If you want to help us to be heard more, join the Trust.

If you want our great club to not only survive, but thrive when this is all over, join the Trust.

We know that we can do better as a Trust. We know we can do more. We know we can improve the joining process, our media platforms and our processes.

But most importantly this week, we’ve seen fan power at its strongest across the sport we love, and now it’s our turn.

More members means more fan power, and we want #FanPowerNotLeePower.

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