ALMOST nothing united the world of football like the idea that was the European Super League.

Politicians, governing bodies, TV pundits and fans alike all came together to say 'no thank you' to the ESL when the plan was launched on Sunday evening.

By Wednesday, the idea was dead in the water after all six English clubs scheduled to be involved had pulled out.

This was in no small part down to the power of the fans.

Though an idea like this was not likely to directly affect Swindon Town in the near future, over 85 per cent ( approx. 330) of surveyed fans said they did not think the plans for a European Super League was a good thing for football.

While four of the 383 voters stated they were "not sure" about plans, 13 per cent of people (approx. 50) voted in favour of the ESL.

Swindon Advertiser:

Of those in favour, Karry Gasparov commented: "Not sure if it'll be good for football or not, but clubs definitely should have the right to choose to participate in such a league if they wish to.

"Like it or not, clubs are businesses, with a responsibility to make money and secure their own existence. I don't see it as being greedy; it's just business, the same as any other.

"Many fans seem to have an outsize opinion of their entitlement when it comes to football clubs. Clubs exist to make money; that's all. With the exception of watching a game for the cost of a ticket , fans are entitled to nothing.

"On the flip-side, if clubs choose to wholesale ignore the people who put money in their pockets, then eventually they'll pay a price as ticket sales dwindle. Even so, they'll still make millions from television rights."

Most people were against though, with Jib Jib summing it up succinctly: "It's just big clubs guaranteeing themselves a champions league payday each year and ignoring the spirit of competition. Wrong in every way possible. If only the big clubs used their clout for better purposes such as dealing with racism, or supporting smaller clubs struggling financially."

And finally, Tam Satz highlighted the potential power of the every day fan. They said: "Fans could change everything if they wanted to. Adopt the pre-1998 German model. Go local; like us; support Tranmere instead of Liverpool/Everton; Bury instead of Man U. There are too many 'fans' who like the 'business model', unfortunately, because it does remove the jeopardy that delivers the paid-for 'glory'."