FOLLOWING Swindon Town's relegation from League One on Saturday, most fans reacted with anger and disappointment.

The results of an Adver Sport poll stated over 50 per cent of fans felt the fault of the demotion should be shared equally between players, coaches and at boardroom level. Meanwhile, a shade over 40 per cent of supporters criticised chairman Lee Power in particular.

Here's what some of our readers had to say about Town's relegation:

LeePower_to_the_people: “A way of finding cause is to blame someone. This is a surprisingly common approach in football where a ‘blame culture’ assumes someone is at fault for every problem and issue. As a result, people are quick to judge others and equally quick to avoid or deny responsibility. What is easily missed is that most problems are caused by the context or system and not by people."

therock4u: “No one wants to see a club relegated, but when it’s Swindon, it brings a tear to my eyes. It did when I saw “Swindon relegated” appear on the screen. It’s sad for fans of our beloved STFC."

Somerset Red: "A few times we have looked world beaters (Ipswich away). I can’t work out why no consistency? How can a manager get them to play so well and then revert to a shambles?"

supersaver: "You have to blame Mr Power, he is the person at the top! Club needs to get rid of all and start again, starting with new owners."

dasmith: "I don’t care which team it is, the only people who can affect the results are the players on the field who are paid to do a job. In any other situation it is the employee who has the responsibility to produce results."

Geoff the ref said: "The root of the Town's failure was in my view the departure of Richie Wellens. That's not me saying it has been his fault, though. Far from it.

"Wellens' recruitment at the start of the season fell short of last year's magic, but we did sign some decent players, and the re-signing of Anthony Grant was (at least in theory) a real plus. The lack of an even half-decent goalie was a problem from day one, but even that wouldn't have been a disaster if the defence in front of him had not leaked goals.

"No, the real problems began when Wellens left and we had a bunch of players assembled to play the Wellens way - quick breaks from defence, low crosses, a static Pitman waiting in the box to clip them into the net. Subsequent managerial systems (that's a word that implies planning that just wasn't there!) tried to make these players do something else, something that they weren't the right team for, and the wheels came off immediately. What we needed was a technician who could tune the Wellens side to get it running as smoothly as possible. What we got was a man with a bent spanner and a loud voice who couldn't tune a lawnmower.

"It's so easy to blame John Sheridan, but the simple reality is that he was the wrong man for the job. The fans knew it; the players knew it; and eventually the realisation seeped through to JS himself. But the damage was done before he arrived and nobody had the guts to face up to the real problem as week after week we were undone by teams that we could have been beating. Whether it has been Lee Power's fault is something to argue about down the pub when we at last get the chance, but I think that JS should never have taken a job he was not suited for, or at least recognised very quickly that his football was not what Swindon needed.

"All in all, a tale of woe. And in spite of all this, Bristol Rovers are still worse than us."