CLEM Morfuni says he would give new Swindon Town manager John McGreal a chance to succeed should the minority stakeholder be successful in buying the club this summer.

Morfuni, who has reiterated his desire to purchase the County Ground club from current owner and chairman Lee Power, also stressed that both he and McGreal’s long-term goals must match for the partnership to bear fruit.

The former Colchester United boss was handed the reigns last month and recently appointed 34-year-old Rene Gilmartin as his new assistant manager.

Australian businessman, Morfuni, revealed he is yet to speak to McGreal in any capacity but would treat him the same as any other manager should his Axis firm successfully complete a takeover.

Morfuni said: “John McGreal has been appointed manager, so I’d speak to him and see what his plans are.

“I haven’t met the guy, so I need to make sure he’s the right person and make sure he’s happy. We’ll give him all the opportunity we can to succeed.

“It’s a results business, and we’re looking for results at the end of the day, but we’ll give him enough time and enough support to help see him through.

“But like with all of this, we can’t do anything until we actually get the club.”

Morfuni spoke to Adver Sport from his car in Sydney following a long day of meetings earlier this week.

The construction company boss said the hard work he is putting in on both fronts will never cease as his dream of buying Swindon Town remains as strong as ever.

Continuing to discuss his potential relationship with McGreal, Morfuni suggested that as long as the 49-year-old is not in Wiltshire for a quick payday, he will happily give the manager every chance to succeed.

Morfuni said: “We would have to speak to John and see what his goals and aspirations are, give him the right budget and the right players to be able to succeed.

“But as long as his views and our views are in line – especially with the CEO and director of football – we would support John as much as we could.

“Obviously, if he doesn’t see our vision, and we don’t see him being capable for the job then we’ll do what we need to do.

“But we will give him enough time and support to succeed, absolutely.”