PROSPECTIVE owner of Swindon Town Clem Morfuni says the reason he wants to buy the club is as a result of his two big passions – English football and construction.

Morfuni is still hopeful he can emerge on the right side of a protracted legal battle for control of the football club with current owner Lee Power, and says his infatuation with the town and the supporters has enabled him to stay focused on achieving his desired result.

In a long and wide-ranging chat with Adver Sport recently, the Australian businessman was quizzed over his aims and ambitions should he gain control, as well as his initial reasons for so strongly pursuing a deal to buy Town.

Morfuni said: “I’m a passionate football fan, I’ve got a business in England, and I fell in love with English football from an early age.

“I fell onto Swindon, I fell in love with the supporters and the club, and I believe there is a pretty big potential there for Swindon.

“Obviously, we’ve got the finances to be able to run the club, we’ve got a business around the world that is quite healthy, and football is a passion of mine.

“I’m in construction as well, don’t forget. Do I like building stadiums? Yeah, I do. My passions are construction and football – both tie in.”

LISTEN: Morfuni explains how he would keep fans in the loop over propsed changes to the County Ground.

The Town minority shareholder continued by discussing his plans for the County Ground once deals to buy the club and ground are completed.

Morfuni promised he would not make any decisions on significant changes to infrastructure or visible aspects of the ground without first gaining the perspective and permission of supporters, club legends, and fan advisors.

Morfuni said: “Swindon is a great opportunity, I’ve got good friends in Swindon, and I know there is so much potential there.

“I want to see it grow into a proper professional club. I’m not saying it isn’t now, but I believe with the right people involved, we can go to a lot higher places than we are at the moment.

“We’d like to refurbish the existing stadium if possible. I sent plans to the supporters groups two or three years ago when we were trying to buy the stadium with the fans. We’re trying to build some corporate boxes, some roofs, some hotels.

“But like I’ve said before, we want to make sure the supporters are involved in those decisions and they’re happy with the decisions we’re making before we go and start doing what we need to do. Openness and transparency are key.”