PROSPECTIVE Swindon Town owner Clem Morfuni has stated he would not get involved in transfer dealings or team selection if he were to assume control of the County Ground club.

The Australian businessman said he feels it is important for any owner to leave the professionals to get on with their jobs and to not meddle in a side of the football club that they are not qualified to comment on.

In a wide-ranging interview with Adver Sport, Morfuni discussed how the club’s style of recruitment would operate should he win the protracted legal battle over its ownership.

The CEO of Axis said he would consider any and all styles of recruitment – including Brentford’s ‘moneyball’ system of bringing players in based on data and statistics or simply trusting the eye of his chief scout.

Asked whether he would be tempted to have his own say on players if he owned Swindon Town, Morfuni said: “I’d leave recruitment to the manager, the director of football, and the chief scout.

“I’m not going to comment on whether a player can play – that’s why you hire professionals to do that job.

“My job is to run the football club with the CEO and make sure there is transparency for the supporters and they’re happy, and that we’re winning games.

“My job is to say: “this is the budget, you find the best people out there for us within the budget to make sure we’re the best on the pitch.”

“I’m not here to say: “you’ve got to put this kid on when he’s not probably suited to be on the pitch”. That’s not my job – I’m not the football expert, I’m there to run the club as a business.”

Morfuni went on to say that he and his company would be able to provide a “healthy” budget to fund any potential signings, but that he must learn the state of the club’s finances before putting a realistic financial plan together.

He said: “The budget would be quite healthy, but we need to learn the state of the club first. Until we get into the club, I can’t really comment on finances.

“We’ve got funds available, but I can’t comment on that yet. I’d need to appoint a CEO, and I’ve got someone in mind. I’d need to sit down with him and work out what the budgets are.

“I don’t know what creditors are available, and what else needs to be paid.

“Until I get into the club, I won’t be able to work out exactly how much we’d have available.”