AARON Nell is looking to the future after Reed Sayers, and Jack Goodchild committed their future to the Swindon Wildcats.

Both Sayers and Goodchild have signed up for another season with the Cats after coming through the Okanagan Hockey Academy based in Swindon.

For head coach Nell, it’s a positive sign of things to come for the Wildcats.

He said: “These are two young players that were really good in the hockey we played last season in the spring and autumn. They were excellent and showed how good they can be and that they can be a massive part of our future.

“We’ve got a lot of good young players coming through that are a bit younger than them, and they’re the start of the group of young players. They’re going to be a big part of our team next season, and hopefully for longer.

“Both skate in different ways. I like them both because they’re going to make us skate faster with their youth and how well they skate. Reed’s a very skilled player with a lot of ability offensively and can make plays under pressure. For his age and size, he’s very strong. Jack’s a bit different, a bit more direct than Reed, skates really well, and they’ve both got great opportunities, and we hope we can be the first part of that."

The summer period is a positive one for Nell, and the Wildcats are looking forward ahead of a new season.

He said: “It’s going well. We’re still waiting on the last couple of signings. It’s been a bit of a different summer with everything that has gone on. We’re happy to bring back Edgars Bebris, who was with us two years ago. He’s back and is a big signing for us. We’re just looking forward to getting started now.”

Another person looking forward will be Reed Sayers himself after he committed to the club.

He said: “I’m very excited to be returning for another year with the Cats. I was lucky enough to be a part of the Streaming Series during lockdown, but I can’t wait for a regular-season to start. Growing up in Swindon and watching the Cats as a kid, I’m happy to finally be playing for the organisation. I’m looking forward to proving myself to the coaching staff and teammates and hope the team can have a successful year. The Wildcats are a great organisation, and I’m looking forward to being a part of it in the future as well as this year.”