In a statement on the Swindon Town Football Club website, the club has asked fans not to bring pyrotechnics and flares to matches as they are not permitted in any English grounds. 

The plea has been sparked by a couple of incidents of Swindon fans using flares during games, which the club would like to discourage as they face the risk of fines.

The full statement is below

"The Football Club would also like to remind supporters that pyrotechnics, including flares, are not permitted within any stadia in England.

"There have been a couple of instances this season of pyrotechnics being used by Swindon Town fans, and we must stress that being found in possession of any kind of pyrotechnic is a criminal offence and it could lead to a ban. 

"Setting off pyrotechnics is incredibly dangerous to fans, players and officials, and it can lead to causing fires, explosions and serious bodily harm.

"Also, the Football Club could face serious action from the EFL in terms of fines if pyrotechnics are set off, so we urge all of our fans to please report any instance you see someone trying to enter The County Ground, or an away game, with a pyrotechnic."