SWINDON Town Football Club has been handed a suspended three-point penalty following the non-payment of wages earlier this year.

Towards the end of Lee Power's reign as chairman and owner of Town, players and staff at the club were not paid their June wages.

The EFL and PFA then stepped in to pay 60 per cent of June's wages before sending the remainder along with July's wage a few weeks later.

Due to breaking one of five EFL regulations when failing to pay the club's staff on time, Swindon were placed under a transfer embargo which continues to take effect.

In a statement published by Swindon Town on Thursday, the club said it was "happy to have come to an agreed decision with the EFL over the non-payment of wages."

Town referenced the fact it was charged with misconduct by the EFL for "failing to comply with regulation 63.7 after players were not paid in June 2021."

The club went on to say: "We have worked with the EFL closely to come to a resolution on this matter, and we have accepted the proposed sanction from the EFL which will see the football club bear the costs of the ratification of the agreed decision."

Town's suspended deduction will not come into effect unless the club breaches the same regulation before the end of June 2022.

Swindon ended the club statement by stressing the issue of unpaid wages was inherited from the previous administration and that "all players and staff have now been paid what they were owed, while they continue to be paid on time.

Town went on to say: "We thank the EFL for working with us on this matter and we can assure all of our supporters that this will not be an issue moving forward.

"We are also pleased that this particular issue can now be put to bed and we can move on and continue to focus on pushing our football club in the right direction."