After committing to be more transparent with fans, Swindon Town took the first steps towards doing just that when the club held its inaugural advisory board meeting.

The new regime, led by club owner Clem Morfuni and CEO Rob Angus, has gone to great lengths recently to win over the community with several outreach events and the signing of a memorandum of understanding.

They followed through on the latter when Mr Morfuni, Mr Angus, vice-chairman Zavier Austin, Eddie Parladorio, club ambassador Don Rogers, TrustSTFC chairman Steve Mytton and the Official Supporters' Club's Anthony Reeve met for a four-hour meeting. 

Advisory board meetings will be a monthly forum where the above club figures meet up to review and assess Town's performance and strategic direction, and to ensure that there is open, transparent and regular engagement on key matters impacting all aspects of the club.

The minutes for the monthly meetings will be posted onto Town's official website for members of the public to see what is being discussed. 

Mr Angus said: “The advisory board marks an important milestone in the new era of the football club, and the fact that our first meeting ran for four-and-a-half hours demonstrates that all involved are taking this very seriously.”

Mr Mytton, representing TrustSTFC, said: “It was an excellent first meeting that really underlined the messaging in recent weeks about the club being open and transparent, this is all that we as fans have ever wanted. 

“The meeting notes that Rob has put together reflect accurately what was discussed and this will be a regular thing, so everyone can now stay in the loop on a monthly basis.”

Mr Reeves, the representative for the official supporters' club, said: “It was a really positive meeting. It was really refreshing to see first-hand the positivity, passion and drive that is now present at the club, and the fact that we the fans now have a direct impact on it is amazing.

“I’m really looking forward to representing the STFC OSC at future meetings and, on a personal level, I feel very confident that the club now has a bright future.”

The first meeting notes are available on the club website now.