SWINDON Town head coach Ben Garner says his side has “prepared for all eventualities” ahead of their trip to Boundary Park to take on Oldham Athletic on Saturday.

Oldham are fourth from bottom in League Two and have failed to chain two results of any kind together over the course of the past eight games, while a varying style of play has seen them become one of the most inconsistent – and unpredictable – teams in the division.

Town suffered their own tactical anomaly last weekend during a defeat to Bradford City – something Garner took responsibility for – and will be looking to maintain their unbeaten run away from home in League Two.

Asked what Garner is expecting to see from the Latics at kick-off, the Town boss said: “I wouldn’t say there’s been a pattern of play, they’ve obviously assessed the individual opposition and then decided which way they want to play.

“They’re certainly capable of passing the ball well, they can play through the goalkeeper and work it through the pitch.

“They’ve got some good creative players in forward areas, and they’re capable of getting players in between the lines as well as having good dribblers who can go past people.

“We’ve prepared for all eventualities, and it’s been a good week for us. We give Oldham full respect, but as always we go there to play our own game and attempt to win.”

While Swindon are free from distraction due to the club’s off-field problems having been firmly settled over the summer, the same cannot be said for Oldham.

Regular fan protests and the suspension of match-ticket sales for two games in September paint a brief outline of disputes between owner and fanbase that those in Wiltshire sadly know all too well.

But the Town head coach said the external issues – while unfortunate – will not distract his team from doing their jobs.

Garner said: “It’s really simple to put aside a club’s off-field issues, we don’t pay any attention.

“It’s the same with any club, we don’t look at what goes on outside of the football pitch because ultimately it has no bearing on the game. If we go and perform on the pitch, we come away with the win.

“I never like to see any football club in financial trouble or go out of the league completely, like we’ve seen in recent years.

“In that respect, we always want to see every club survive and thrive, but our focus is what happens on the pitch on Saturday.”