SWINDON Town Supporters Trust uses its latest Adver Sport column to ask a small section of fans to stop anti-social match-day behaviour.

Since the club’s takeover in the summer, and the progress which has been made as a result, I’ve made it a personal objective to always try to ensure these articles are written with a positive tone.

But in light of witnessing a range of behaviours from a small minority of fans that we cannot condone, the Trust Board felt it necessary to use this week’s column to remind fans to be patient and respectful with those employed and associated at the club who are working tirelessly to bring us the experience we deserve, and the one we know is evolving.

We share the bugbears many fans do with some of what is being experienced - delays at the turnstiles, problems getting through to the ticket office, stock issues at times with the store - but we do not believe this is reasonable grounds to direct abusive language or threatening behaviour towards staff, stewards, and volunteers at the club.

Some challenging matchday behaviour we are witnessing from a small group of individuals is having a detrimental impact on the club. Most notably, an increase in policing costs and further administrative work behind the scenes, taking money and resources away from the more pressing issues.

The EFL has been in contact with the club this week to inform them The FA is looking into missile throwing and match-day pyrotechnics, and there is a growing risk the club will be sanctioned should this behaviour continue.

No less than six months ago, there was a real concern for the survival of our club. And I, for one, am grateful we have a club to turn out to support and cheer on, week in and week out.

As we enter the festive period with fixtures coming in thick and fast, it’s important to remind the fanbase that we’re also entering a very busy time for the club’s operations, under new ownership and management. There will be many new hurdles for the staff behind the scenes to overcome and learn from, and I can assure you that a huge amount of time and finance is being invested to eradicate years of neglect our beloved club has endured.

As our CEO, we have Rob Angus who shies away from no question or problem, openly and transparently communicating decisions from the highest level of the club. We have Ben Chorley and Ben Garner creating an ethos and identity of attractive football for us all to get behind. We have a hardworking group of players desperate to give 110%, playing for the badge every time they run out. And now a Third Round FA Cup tie at home to Man City…

Our situation could be a whole lot worse, right?

As your Supporters Trust, we’re always keen to hear thoughts and any concerns from our members. If you feel there is a problem and you need your frustrations heard, please do get in touch with us.

Things are not perfect, but steps are being taken, and a new supporter-issue email address will soon be launched to ensure issues or complaints are dealt with in a timely manner, and we’ll have more information on this in the coming weeks.

Between now and New Year’s Day, we’re averaging a fixture every four to five days, and this will be a pivotal time in our season. Let’s unite as a fanbase, remind ourselves of how far we’ve come since July 21st, and pack out the County Ground! COYR!