BOXER Ryan Martin believes a win in his IBF Intercontinental Welterweight title fight against Karen Chukhadzhian on Saturday night would catapult him onto greater things in 2022.

The Swindon-born welterweight will enter the ring in Karlsruhe, Germany, for unquestionably the biggest fight in his young career knowing victory would put him into the top-15 ranked fighters in the world.

Should he land inside the top-15, any of the current world champions could pick him as a title defence – a shot that could land Martin his dream.

Speaking to Adver Sport before flying out to Germany, Martin said: “I’ve been in some big fights before, but with the way the boxing climate is right now, to get an opportunity like this is really unexpected.

“I knew it’d come around, but it’s happened quite quickly, although I think at a perfect time for me.

“If I were to win, it would catapult me onto another level. If I win this, I go from Ryan Martin the unknown entity to my name holding some sort of weight.

“All of a sudden I’d have a target on my back and bigger fights will become far more accessible.

“If I win this fight – which I 100 per cent plan to – then 2022 should be a good year for me where I’ll find myself in some big fights.”

Martin – who has recently been taken under the wing of trainer Adam Booth, the man responsible for preparing David Haye, George Groves, and Chris Eubank Jr for huge fights – says he feels as ready to take on the Ukranian-born technician as he’ll ever be.

With a record of 14-2-1 himself, the 27-year-old has around 4cm height on the man two years his junior. But in Martin’s eyes, the advantages do not stop there.

Explaining how he has prepared for this so-called 50-50 fight, Martin said: “Most people would say it’s an even fight. In my head, I do everything better than this guy.

“He’s a well-schooled fighter who does everything well. He’s going to be tough with a record like his (19-1).

“He hasn’t lost since his debut, he’s had everything his way since. I’m going over there to change that.

“I haven’t over-analysed him. We’ve watched little bits of tape on him, so I know what I’m up against.

“But it’s always the same thing for me – as long as I’m ready, I should get the job done.”