ADVER Sport assess the performances of the Swindon Town players following the club’s 1-1 draw with Crawley Town on Tuesday night.

Jojo Wollacott: 6

Aside from making three very good saves, Wollacott had very little to do against Crawley. He was slow to restart the game at times, but I’m not sure whether that was down to Crawley’s well-executed plan or a lack of willingness to take the ball off him from the defenders.

Rob Hunt: 6

His personal performance reflected that of his team’s. Nice and positive in the opening half an hour and then very unsure and tentative thereafter.

Jake O’Brien: 7

The Crystal Palace loanee seems to be growing in confidence and won everything in his postcode aerially. He is quick across the ground too which helped snuffing out danger.

Dion Conroy: 5

The negativity from the stands and potentially the criticism online seems to be affecting Conroy somewhat. He didn’t play with his usual authority and almost gave Crawley a goal through dithering on the ball inside his own half. Jeered when substituted – which is not helpful. Subbed.

Brandon Cooper: 7

The debutant began brilliantly and immediately showed the attributes he will bring – aggression, communication, and aerial dominance. The Welshman won so much both on the ground and in the air. He plays with an edge that the Town defence has been crying out for.

Ellis Iandolo: 4

After such a strong performance on Saturday, Iandolo really took a step backwards in midweek, I felt. He gave the ball away often, his crossing rarely beat the first man, and he was caught out of position on several occasions too.

Ryan East: 6

East started brightly in the first half, linking passes together. I would have liked to see him be a bit braver though, but that’s understandable given it was his first start in a while. Faded in the second as the game become more hectic. Subbed.

Jordan Lyden: 4

Gave away a clumsy penalty seconds after the referee had spoken to him about being too aggressive with James Tilley. Continued to mouth off in the second half and ended up getting booked. While his aggressive nature is one of his strengths, it can also be a weakness when he doesn’t control it. Another unimpactful display where his antics caught the eye over his football. Booked.

Ben Gladwin: 6

His passing was nice and positive, but Crawley swarmed him and he occasionally got caught on the ball. I’d like to see Gladwin have a few more shots because he has the capability to shoot accurately from range. I’m putting him down as notching the assist for the equaliser.

Josh Davison: 5

Davison was nice and busy but missed one glorious chance for a home debut goal. He had one more chance before suffering a tight hamstring and being forced to leave the game at half-time. Subbed.

Harry McKirdy: 6

McKirdy put in plenty of effort, but the execution was not quite right in midweek. Received his 10th booking of the season – for dissent, funnily enough – but nineth in the league so he will now be walking a tightrope for the next couple of months. Booked.


Louie Barry: 6

The half-time substitute tried to make something happen, but he was often double-teamed as Crawley knew his capabilities. His dribbling was impressive too. Barry almost scored on his debut but dragged into the side netting.

Jonny Williams: 5

Once again sent on to try and nab Swindon a goal, Williams was often playing too deep to affect things at the other end of the pitch. I don’t remember him having much of an impact at all, which is frustrating.

Jayden Mitchell-Lawson: 7

Right place, right time. Although Mitchell-Lawson may have a bruised cheek this morning, he struck the decisive blow in added time despite having limited time to affect things from the bench. With Davison potentially out through injury, the Swindon man may get more opportunities going forward.