ADVER Sport assess the performances of the Swindon Town players following the club’s 2-1 defeat to Exeter City.

Jojo Wollacott: 7

Wollacott made one really good save while the other four were made to seem fairly straight forward. Had no chance for the first and was tricked by the deflection on the second. Dealt with set-pieces pretty well overall.

Rob Hunt: 6

His reluctance to go forward and be brave was slightly grating, but defensively Hunt provided no real concerns. He did give Caprice a little bit of joy in the first half, however. Overall, a very so-so display.

Jake O’Brien: 7

O’Brien was enjoying a strong afternoon until he gave Brown too much room to shoot in the 84th minute. Aside from that, he won his aerial battles and appears to be growing with confidence in every game.

Brandon Cooper: 7

It was a similar situation for Cooper as it was with O’Brien. A really solid display until he got too tight and was rolled by Dieng in the build-up to the first goal before accidentally deflecting the ball past Wollacott in the midst of the second. He looked right at home in the centre of defence too.

Akin Odimayo: 6

Odimayo was not at the level of his central-defensive peers and is sometimes a bit lackadaisical in his approach. But no moments of alarm in an end-to-end game. Subbed.

Joe Tomlinson: 9

Tomlinson was outstanding from the first whistle to the last. Everything he did seemed to come off, and he also netted on his debut in fine style. I’m looking forward to watching him play until May.

Ben Gladwin: 5

Not Gladwin’s best game by any stretch. The ball didn’t bounce for him, and he missed a couple of chances to play a key pass. Perhaps East’s mobility might have proved more helpful to Town.

Jordan Lyden: 7

A much-improved performance after Tuesday, Lyden was aggressive in the right way and his passing was excellent – especially during a quick free-kick which Tomlinson almost scored from. A shame to see him go off, a point in which the tide seemed to turn Exeter’s way. Subbed.

Jonny Williams: 6

Williams was lively and often played the pass before the key pass which created a chance. I just think the gameplan doesn’t allow Williams to produce what he’s capable of and as such he can go missing.

Josh Davison: 7

I thought Davison’s hold-up play was fantastic, especially with Stubbs wrestling him at every opportunity. If he had been found by McKirdy in the first half, he would hopefully have buried a deserved first goal. Otherwise, the striker did his job admirably before being taken off in the 70th minute due to a tight hamstring. Subbed.

Harry McKirdy: 5

Aside from one good run and shot on the counter-attack, I felt McKirdy’s display was similar to his outing at Colchester minus the goal. Nothing really seemed to stick, and he made the wrong decision in two key chances that would have helped his team.


Ellis Iandolo: 6

Showed some nice footwork in his unfamiliar centre midfield role and was confident in his passing after a shaky midweek display.

Louie Barry: 5

Came on for the last 20 minutes but struggled to impact the game as Town fell apart at the other end.

Jayden Mitchell-Lawson: N/A

Came on too late to receive a rating.