ADVER Sport assess the performances of the Swindon Town players following the club’s 2-1 defeat at home to Salford City on Saturday.

Jojo Wollacott: 6

After making a number of important saves and claiming crosses into the box, Wollacott made a vital error when misjudging the 86th minute corner from which Salford won the game. A moment he will learn from.

Rob Hunt: 6

Thomas-Asante gave Hunt – and a few others – a tough time down the Town right. He allowed the cross to come in for the first goal, and didn’t have much of a lasting impact up the other end either. Subbed.

Jake O’Brien: 6

O’Brien was solid without catching the eye, but he made a critical mistake by losing Watson for the winner. That’s not the first time he’s lost his marker at a corner – a clear area for improvement.

Brandon Cooper: 6

Sometimes, it’s better to be lucky than good. Although Cooper showed a lot of impressive qualities, he was extremely fortunate not to have been sent off in the first half when Liam Shephard was about to tap in on the line, only to be literally thrown backwards by Cooper. He battled away really well and showed good aggression, but he’s got to stop these off-the-ball fouls as he won’t get away with it forever.

Joe Tomlinson: 7

Tomlinson didn’t put in as many crosses as Town fans might have liked, but he did put in a fantastic ball for the goal. An inch-perfect corner that Harry McKirdy nodded in.

Louis Reed: 6

While Reed showed a good range of passing and was always keen to get on the ball, I thought the sponsors choice for him to be named man of the match was a case of wanting to meet him rather than down to his actual performance. I thought he played well, but others were better.

Ricky Aguiar: 7

Aguiar seems to be growing in confidence and feeling more at home in league football. He didn’t get bounced off the ball so much against a very aggressive Salford team, and he tried his luck at goal a few times. Only a quality finish was missing.

Ellis Iandolo: 7

Probably my man of the match for Town. He was aggressive, he got about the pitch well, and he tried to create a few chances as well. On an afternoon where Town lacked a bit of sharpness, Iandolo stood out.

Louie Barry: 6

I didn’t seem to remember Barry having many chances at all, nor did he create many. A frustrating afternoon before going off with a minor ankle issue. Subbed.

Harry McKirdy: 7

McKirdy doesn’t quite look as confident in front of goal since he went out to the wing. Having said that, he still managed to get himself on the scoresheet after being in the right place at the right time to head in Tomlinson’s corner. Hopefully, his ankle roll will settle down quickly. Subbed.

Josh Davison: 7

Once again, Davison’s hold-up play was really good. Even when he was being wrestled to the ground by Turnbull. The poor Charlton loanee must feel like a lone sock in a washing machine after that game. He gave as good as he got though and probably deserved a goal.


Jonny Williams: 6

Williams wasn’t able to create an awful lot after being sent on seconds after the equalising goal. A couple of good passes and a dribble or two, there wasn’t much to shout about.

Jayden Mitchell-Lawson: N/A

Came on too late to receive a rating.

Harry Parsons: N/A

Came on too late to receive a rating.