SWINDON Town owner Clem Morfuni was unable to clarify why director of football Ben Chorley resigned from his position with immediate effect earlier this week.

Days after head coach Ben Garner reportedly took significant strides towards taking over at Charlton Athletic, Town were dealt another body blow when Chorley stepped away after just 10 months at the County Ground.

The former Portsmouth and Leyton Orient defender’s exit was arguably more painful for Swindon fans as Chorley’s influence on signings was considered to be a substantial part of the club’s success last term.

Asked why such a crucial aspect of the club shocked everyone by quitting on Monday, Morfuni was not able to shed much light on the subject.

He said: “It was down to his own reasons. He and I are still good friends, we’ve had a friendship for four or five years.

“We’re still friends, so there’s no issues there. I’ve had people leave my other businesses but we’re still friends.

“But you’d have to ask him why he left, it was his decision (to resign) and not mine. But we’re still mates.

Pushed on whether Morfuni knew whether Chorley had been offered a position elsewhere, the Town owner said: “I don’t know, you’d have to ask him. He just left for his own reasons.”

Given the state of flux that the club finds itself in regarding playing matters, there has been plenty of chatter concerning who will be in charge next season.

After initially saying he preferred the director of football and head coach model, Morfuni suggested he could employ a sole manager instead next time the club needs to fill that void.

Morfuni said: “We’re still looking through it, we’re just trying to work out what the best model is. We need to be more fluid with what we’re doing and not be rigid.

“It’s even like when we’re playing football, sometimes we maybe need to change our tactics because we might be away on a Tuesday night and our method of playing football is not working. We maybe need to try something different to make it work.

“We play a certain football; other teams play a different football. Sometimes they work out how we play and we maybe need to be a bit more flexible, but the nucleus of the team is there.

“We’ve got a few people that we’re still waiting on, but most of the team is sorted.”