HUNDREDS of Swindon Town fans queued outside the refurbished club shop at the County Ground on Thursday as the new home and away shirts were launched.

Following a two-week refit, a slightly larger club shop opened its doors for the first time at midday, with a lengthy line of excited supporters hoping to be among the first to get their hands on a range of Town-themed paraphernalia, including the freshly-unveiled 2022-23 kits.

The loyal fans were greeted by owner Clem Morfuni and CEO Rob Angus, as well as a live DJ and an air-conditioned shop full of fully-stocked Town clothing and bucket hats courtesy of Seaside Reds.

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Adver Sport popped down on opening day to ask supporters for their thoughts on the new home and away shirts, priced at £45 for adults and £35 for kids.

Eric Parsons said: “I like the red one. My boys think the swirl pattern is fab.

“I wasn’t going to get one because I thought “I’m too old to buy a new shirt.” But when I got here and saw it in person and thought I’d get one.

“I like the white one too, but I bet the kit men are not too happy about it!”

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Michael Crowe was at the shop with his wife Lisa, and they were on the lookout for home shirts for their children.

Michael said: “I think they’re good. They looked decent on the internet so let’s hope they look as good in person!”

Lisa explained that because chocolate stains are more difficult to remove on a white shirt, the pair’s kids would be donning home shirts instead.

She said: “The kids are having red. They’re not having white because they’re children and they get dirty! White isn’t as kid-friendly.”

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Meanwhile, a handful of Adver readers gave their view on the new strips via Twitter. Dan Adams said: “I love both of them.”

Kim Young said: “I don't mind the away kit, but not keen on the black badge. I much prefer the home kit.”

Matt Anderson said: “The home shirt is ‘meh’, but the away shirt is really disappointing for me. Bland, no texture, nothing unique or iconic. Looks like a generic training top.

“Puzzling that the teaser was a connection to the 89-91 white shirt, which is greater in every way.”

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The re-opening of the club shop also coincided with an initiative to sell some of the Seaside Reds-designed bucket hats.

Based on kits of old and available in a green and white potato print or a purple, Swindon Town ticketing assistant Kieran Stutes revealed the limited batch that was available sold out within minutes.

He said: “They sold out in about two minutes. We had a massive box of them, and we put half of them out. As we turned around, they were gone.

“We had to get another box out, and people just grabbed them so quickly again. Off the top of my head, I think we had about 100 of each colour.”

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At time of writing, there are limited numbers of small and Two XL shirts available online while the club shop has stock available in each size.

Town say should they sell out, ordering more will be possible and new batches should be in store within days.