RECENTLY-appointed head coach Scott Lindsey says he “hopes” to lead Swindon Town to promotion this season.

Town’s new boss will attempt to go one better than the club managed last season under Ben Garner when a penalty shoot-out defeat to Port Vale denied Swindon the chance to play at Wembley and compete for a place in League One.

Lindsey was only appointed on Monday but has already set about putting plans in place to ensure Swindon have the best possible chance of reaching the third tier come May 2023.

Experienced centre-back Mathieu Baudry re-signed for the club on Tuesday while plenty more signings are expected in the coming days and weeks.

Setting out his hopes and goals for the coming season, Lindsey said: “I’m quite an honest man. My hopes are that we win promotion – that’s my hope.

“I hope that we win every game, but football is a difficult game, as we know. There are plenty of other teams in this league who want to do the same, it’s a very competitive league.

“We want to play a brand of football that the supporters can be proud of, we want to play a brand of football that gains us that control and hopefully gives us plenty of options to create goal-scoring chances.

“My hopes and aspirations are that we do that, but there are some big, big hitters in this league this season and it will be a challenging season, but one I’m really looking forward to.”

Following a season that exceeded the majority of fans’ expectations, the coming campaign holds a great deal more optimism and expectation due to the club being in a far more stable place.

Lindsey says he is perfectly prepared for any pressure that is put on him to succeed and has total belief in his own and his squad’s ability to achieve their goals.

Town’s head coach said: “I put pressure on myself to do well without anyone else doing it.

“Sometimes you can be a victim of your own success. We did brilliantly against all odds last season which means that we have to do brilliantly again this season – that’s football.

“People expect you to improve year on year, and I’m no different. I know the fans want us to win every game, and so do I.

“I’m a born winner, I want to win everything I do. If I go up the park and play football with my children, I have to win. That’s the way I am, and I’m no different in my job.”