Michael Flynn said that multiple factors have meant he has been unable to bring in the types of players he wanted to Swindon Town.

Following their 4-2 defeat against Stockport County, the Town boss was critical of his side’s ability to do what is needed to win games consistently in League Two.

Speaking to the press after the game, Flynn said he had his attention on January and what changes he would be able to make to his squad, both in and out, once the transfer window opens.

He said: “It is not just about this game, I don’t make rash decisions based off of one game.

“I have known what we needed and what would strengthen [the squad], but unfortunately, we have not been able to get them, it is as simple as that.

“That has been for one reason or another.

“I need to make sure that I get the ones who will make us a better team in January or before then.

“We are too easy to score against and they [the players] need to have a look in the mirror and be honest with themselves.

“I have just told them; I can’t wait to get to January because I need players who can do it [grind out a result] and I need some players out.”

Flynn revealed that prior to Town’s FA Cup exit at the hands of Aldershot Town, he had already made strides in working on transfer targets for the window.

He said: “I know roughly where we are at, I know what I want, I have contacted teams already, managers, and clubs.

“I am certain of some of them. I know what we want, whether we get them or not, like I said in the summer, is not just going to be down to finances.

“It is about whether the players want to come down to League Two, do the players want to move to this part of the country, are the wages right, has anybody else come in for them.

“There are loads of different factors that we are going to have to account for, but I am on the front foot and I have identified quite a few targets that I would like and hopefully we get a few of them.

“It has never happened in one window, you need three or four windows to get the team that you want.”