PAOLO Di Canio could wait right until the end of the transfer window to complete his summer dealings as he decides which areas need reinforcing with the greatest urgency.

Prior to revelations that the Italian had stripped Paul Caddis of the club captaincy, the Swindon boss was targeting another striker ahead of the return of competitive football with the visit of Brighton tonight.

However, Di Canio has now admitted he may be forced to rethink his transfer strategy, and he stressed that future deals could be delayed while he makes up his mind.

“Sometimes something that you don’t expect happens that lets you think. You know what was the priority before but I have to be open,” he said.

“Just because we can’t spend another million on three, four or five players I have to be a real manager and check the budget which is good for two very good players.

“But now my brain has opened a bit more. I don’t know how the people can react. I have to wait a bit more.

“I don’t mind to start three or four games with the players I’ve got because we’ve got good enough cover to win the game.

“But I want to strengthen the squad a bit more with quality, experience and larger numbers of players.

“But something has happened in the past and I’m waiting. I wait to do this as a responsible manager.”

Di Canio also revealed that he turned down the opportunity to sign a forward over the past few days because of the fragile situation at the County Ground .

“The events that have happened the last few days and last few weeks has made me think. This is why I didn’t bring in straight away one striker with very good quality,” he said.

“If I did that I would burn the chances to have other options so I didn’t go through with it straight away.

“I waited a bit more because unfortunately something happened in the last few weeks and I have to be really careful and make the right decision. At the moment we are okay. We have enough options at the back, in the middle and up front at the moment to handle the situation until the end of August.

“It doesn’t mean that I won’t go through in the next week.”

Meanwhile, Di Canio said he was disappointed that the birth of a new born baby was being used as an excuse for low performance levels.

The Town manager appeared to make reference to his father Ignazio, a bricklayer who passed away last year, when he criticised those who did not want to go to work every morning when they are employed as a footballer.

“Once again in England I have discovered that if you have a fantastic event in your life it’s a problem,” he said.

“If you have a baby, in England, it’s a problem.

“(They say) ‘I don’t sleep, why we train, why we have food together, I have a baby’. We are more than happy that you have a baby, that is not a problem.

“Tell a brickie that if he has twins or maybe four kids that if he doesn’t get up in the morning and work for £800 for months, without teeth, with no money for a dentist, do they get up and say ‘I don’t get up and I don’t go to my job today?’ “Are we mad? I don’t accept that at Barcelona let alone Swindon. Lads, I don’t want to mention what happened to me last year, how I was fed up to get up and train with some players that I used to have here but I did my job.

“Now we have a baby and it becomes a problem and not an extra lift for a player to think ‘now I train 20 hours a day for the enthusiasm that I’ve got inside, go back at home and keep the maximum energy to have the baby in your arms for two hours and don’t sleep and play’.

“I know that someone can go mad or go somewhere with his brain sometimes. Everybody has time to jump up to the coach. Caddis more than everybody because I still know him.

“He has to change completely. I know when he wants he is a very good professional.

“I’m straight, I don’t want anyone to disturb the group or the mentality I want to fix in here.”

Finally, Di Canio emphasised that he does not feel a change of captain so soon before the start of the season will derail Town’s charge on League One.

He said: “Absolutely not, because when you make a decision you’re thinking about what has happened in the last few weeks and what can happen in the future.

“The decision for me is not very tough but when I make a decision like this it is not normal and everyday. I did not think about it for one second, not for one hour, not for a few days but for a few weeks.”