WESTLECOT enjoyed in both of the men’s and women’s national Plate competitions last weekend.

The men thrashed Gloucester 85-35 in their second-round Denny Plate tie, which was conceded after only 15 ends had been played.

The women had a much harder second round Yetton Plate tie, trailing local rivals Swindon Manor in the early stages, restoring parity after 10 ends before going on to a 17-shot win with an 83-66 victory.

The men made it a weekend treble, despite fielding a depleted side owing to county commitments and unavailability with a narrow 74-70 victory over Oxford & District in the east region of the Wessex League.

Westlecot disposed of Gloucester 85-35 in the Denny Plate.

The Old Town club raced into a 33-14 overall lead after five ends and had greatly increased their advantage to 63-26 at 10 ends before a halt was called by Gloucester at 15 ends with Westlecot 85-35 up.

Mike Titcombe’s home foursome of James Richman, Dave Matthews Terry Walton and himself were 22-0 up at 10 ends and finally won 27-5.

Skips John Thomas (14 shots) and Tom Pittuck (15) both enjoyed healthy wins. The only skip to miss out was Kyle Anderson, who lost at home by a single shot (14-13) despite leading for large parts of the game.

Westlecot progress to round three iand will meet Isle of Wedmore (Somerset) on December 2 - two rinks home and away.

In the Yetton Plate derby, across the board Westlecot trailed Manor 27-15 overall at five ends but the two teams were locked together at 40-40 after 10 ends.

Westlecot then moved ahead to lead 66-48 at 15 ends, 72-59 at 18 and after a good battle take an 83-66 victory.

The Old Town club won on three rinks but lost on one rink at home.

Linda Perfitt led her foursome at home to a nine-shot success. That was matched away by Janet Willis’ quartet, while Wendy Anderson’s rink at the Manor won 21-14.

Manor’s lone success came in Old Town, with Cheryl Walker’s quartet beating Patricia Murray’s team by eight shots.

Westlecot move forward to round three of the Plate (last 32) and will play West Berks (Newbury) on Saturday, December 9 (10am).

The Westlecot treble was completed on Sunday morning when the men’s side, depleted by county junior commitments against Dorset, pulled off a narrow but surprise 74-70 victory over Oxford & District (Littlemore) in their second east region Wessex League match of the season.

They shared the rink honours 2-2 but the big 14-shot success in Oxford from John Thomas’ rink and the nine-shot home win from Ian Farragher’s four tipped the scales in Westlecot’s favour and earned them 12 of the 16 points that were on offer.

It moved Westlecot into joint third in the east region table alongside Loddon Vale on 26 points, who are also unbeaten and both meet in their next matches on December 3.


Westlecot v Gloucester (men’s Denny Plate)

Home - Rink 3: James Richman, Dave Matthews, Terry Walton & Mike Titcombe beat Mike Prosser 27-5. Rink 4: Brian Coles, Joe Stout, Keith Williamson & Kyle Anderson lost to Vince Wilks 13-14.

Away - Rink 4: John Wilson, Ian Farragher, Paul Kistle & John Thomas beat R Wilks 23-9. Rink 5: George Twine, Geoff Smith, Denis Holborow & Tom Pittuck beat G Baldwin 22-7.

Score: Westlecot beat Gloucester 85-35.

Westlecot v Swindon Manor (ladies Yetton Plate)

Home - Rink 1: Ann Haunton, Kay Webb, Jill Webb & Linda Perfitt beat Ann Andrews, Nicki Young, Susan Griffiths & Gloria Edwards 23-14. Rink 2: Judy Hallard, Julie Shakespeare, Barbara Twine & Patricia Murray lost to Jacky Stokes, Anita Fouracre, Amanda Dingle & Cheryl Walker 13-21.

Away - Rink 3: Jayne Croston, Julia Hunt, Sheila Kenny & Wendy Anderson beat Wendy Young, Sue Stratford, Mavis Morris & Jean Renicks 21-14. Rink 4: Sue Reeve, Ginny Nash, Jenny Vowles & Janet Willis beat Jeanette Conway, Andi Jones, Barbara Moody & Laura Latham 26-17.

Score: Westlecot beat Swindon Manor 83-66.

Westlecot v Oxford & District (Wessex League)

Home - Rink 1: Olli Moody, Clive Vaughan, Denis Holborow & Shaun Hicks lost to R Welsh 12-25. Rink 2: Brian Coles, Paul Sloman, Ian Henry & Ian Farragher S Gibson 21-12.

Away - Rink 1: Hugh Dawson, Andy Gomersall, Paul Kistle & John Thomas beat K Mobley 24-10. Rink 2: Joe Mazzota, Geoff Smith, Mike Shawyer & Terry Walton lost to J Beardsley 17-23.

Score: Westlecot beat Oxford & D 74-70 and by 12pts to 4pts.