TRAINER John Costello has warned George Groves’ team they are in for the ‘shock of their lives’ if they think Jamie Cox is not a fully-fledged super-middleweight.

Cox is likely to come into the ring over the 12-stone mark, will do battle on October 14 for the Londoner’s WBA Super world super-middleweight title at Wembley Arena in the quarter-final of the World Boxing Super Series.

The unbeaten Swindon southpaw turned professional in July 2007 as 20-year-old and tipped the scales for his paid debut at 10st 4lb, winning his first professional crown, the Commonwealth title, as a light-middleweight (11 stone).

However, since the former Commonwealth Games welterweight gold medallist returned to the squared circle in 2015 following a 20-month lay-off with a hand injury, Cox has come back in the 12st division.

Groves, following the picking of Cox for this bout, said the former Walcot amateur was not big enough to be a super-middleweight before the world champion’s trainer Shane McGuigan weighed into the argument.

“He (Cox) is a light-middleweight – middleweight (11st 6lb) at best. He is a very good fighter, but size is going to be a factor in this fight,” McGuigan said.

“With George’s punching power, he will set traps. He will walk him all over the shop. He is here to win this tournament and Jamie Cox is just in the way.”

However, Cox’s trainer Costello responded by saying size counted for little when Carl Froch knocked Groves out at Wembley Stadium three years ago.

“Shane mentioned about Jamie being a light-middleweight – middleweight at best. I can tell you now that Jamie couldn’t make middleweight – 100 per cent,” the Birmingham-based trainer said.

“If he could make middleweight he would be fighting at middleweight, but 12 stone is nice for him.

“They keep taking about size being relevant, but size had no relevance at Wembley when George got knocked out.

“Carl Froch was 12-stone-four walking into that ring, I’ve known Rob McCracken (Froch’s former trainer) and Max McCracken all my life and I know 100 per cent that he (Froch) was 12-stone-four walking into ring.

Jamie will be a hell of a lot bigger than 12-stone-four (on fight night) and he hits every bit as hard as Carl Froch does and he has got the same engine.

“If they think Jamie is going to be small, then they can hold on to that thought because they will be in for the shock of their lives come October 14.”