TALENTED Bec Connolly can take plenty of encouragement from her four professional fights last year according to trainer Paddy Fitzpatrick, who is encouraged by her no-nonsense attitude in the ring.

Connolly, 34, fought in three amateur fights before contesting more than 25 bouts at white collar level ahead of turning pro in 2017.

After winning her opening professional bout by a points decision against Monika Antonik at Swindon’s MECA 15 months ago, Connolly struggled to find form against far superior opposition throughout 2018.

The super featherweight boxer then lost on points against both Kristine Shergold and Vanesa Caballero before she suffered her first knockdown when going toe-to-toe with four-times national champion and European finalist Terri Harper, who boxes as a lightweight.

A further loss to Scottish Elite champion and super lightweight Elaine Greenan resulted in Connolly’s fourth professional defeat, but Fitzpatrick insists that her never-say-die attitude coupled with a desire to succeed makes Connolly one of the best supported boxers in the region.

He said: “Bec is willing to fight anyone, and only wants to be in big fights that will test her.

“With the girls, there isn’t a great depth. She might get called by a girl that is a lightweight, and she’s a featherweight. But she will go for it.

“That’s her attitude. And I think she’s improved massively this year.

“I thought we could’ve won the last fight – it could’ve gone either way. I have no complaints that the other girl won, and I wouldn’t have been surprised if we won it.

“She’s able to compete at that level. Her confidence is growing because of the girls that she has fought against.

“I’m excited for her this year, I just want her to be able to keep as busy as possible.”

Connolly is scheduled to appear on Neilson Boxing’s Fight Town One card at the MECA on March 23.

Appearing on the show will help to drive ticket sales towards another sell out, according to Fitzpatrick – who insists her tough pick of opponents in 2018 will stand her in good stead for the 12 months ahead.

“She’s a massive draw, she has some great support,” said Fitzpatrick.

“If you look at her record, it’s so easy to state that she’s got one win and four losses.

“But, when you think about it, she had three amateur fights and roughly 30 white-collar fights.

“The white-collar fights got her experience in the ring, because there isn’t a great depth of girls at that level who are technically good.

“As soon as she turned pro, the girl she lost her second fight to went on to win the IBF world title.

“The last girl she fought was the Scottish Elite Champion, and the girl before was the four-times National Champion and European Finalist.

“Both of those girls were two weight divisions above. You can’t look at her record of 1-4 and realise the type of girl she is.”