SWINDON duo Zoe Jones and Christopher Boyadji are looking for success in Ostrava as they prepare for the European Figure Skating Championships.

The couple, who leave for the Czech Republic on Sunday, started skating together in June last year and are aiming to go one better than their last competition, where they claimed the British Senior Pairs Championship in Sheffield in early December.

Since then, their coach Mark Naylor says the pair have been working tirelessly to ensure they can make an impact on the international scene.

“We discussed things which went well and things which didn’t go well (in Sheffield). We also decided what we can add to the training routine to improve the overall package,” said Naylor “One of the things we did was more off-ice lifts. We have been doing them religiously, which has made everything stronger.

“I’m hoping for continued power and success on the ice, and making a strong impression on the international judges.

“I also want them to get a score to qualify for the World Championships – that is absolutely the overall goal which is very achievable.”

Jones, who first took up skating in 1984 when the Link Centre was built, admits she is excited to be back on the international scene after last competing at that level 17 years ago.

She also says their victory in Sheffield has given her and her French partner, Boyadji great confidence in their own ability.

“I feel good. Training is going well and I’m excited to go there to make an impression and do what we can do,” said Jones.

“Obviously, we won the British championships and we had a good skate. I feel we are much stronger again than when we were in Sheffield.

“Throughout this – we obviously haven’t been together as a pair for long – each competition we have done, we have done it with improvement from the last.

“We are stronger together as a team, so I am feeling confident. After Sheffield, we had lots of shows and then Christmas, so we had a few days off but it’s been intense.

“We are in a good place at the moment. I never thought I’d be in position again. This is the first big competition in a long time.”